Vaccine Appointments for Kauai Residents

April 1, 2021

The County of Kaua‘i shared the following press release announcing that Kaua‘i residents ages 16 and over are now eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccines beginning April 5th. For more information on testing options, read the press release below.

All Kaua‘i residents age 16 and over now eligible to schedule vaccine appointments

The County of Kaua‘i announced that all residents age 16 and over are eligible for COVID-19 vaccines beginning Monday, April 5, at clinics around the island. This moves Kaua‘i into Phase 2 –General Population.

Appointments can be scheduled now for the Kaua‘i District Health Office Department of Health’s
clinic at Convention Hall. Appointments will be available to book starting Monday at hospital clinics at
KVMH, Mahelona, and Wilcox.

This eliminates all restrictions based on age, high-risk health conditions, and essential worker
status. Individuals with a history of severe allergic reactions should consult their doctor prior to making an appointment, and may not be eligible to receive a COVID-19 vaccine.

Kaua‘i’s vaccine rollout has been very efficient. To ensure that all appointment spots are filled
and that our residents are offered vaccine as soon as possible, the Kaua‘i District Health Office and their hospital partners have determined that it is time to open up vaccine availability to all Kauai residents age 16 and over.

Health officials encourage all Kaua‘i residents to schedule an appointment as soon as possible. Kaua‘i will rejoin the Safe Travels program for Trans-Pacific travel on April 5. 

“More visitors and residents traveling to and from the island poses the risk of disease introduction,” said Janet Berreman, M.D., Kaua‘i District Health Officer. “Vaccination protects our residents, our loved ones, and our community.”

The one-dose Johnson & Johnson vaccine will be available on April 5 at the Department of
Health clinic at the War Memorial Convention Hall. To make an appointment at this clinic, please fill out the Kaua‘i District Health Office COVID-19 Vaccine Allocation Survey.

The two-dose Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are widely available on Kaua‘i. Appointments are available at Kaiser, Safeway, Longs, Wilcox Medical Center, Kaua‘i Veterans Memorial Hospital (KVMH), Samuel Mahelona Memorial Hospital, and the Department of Health clinic. Veterans under VA care are eligible to receive vaccine through the VA. Existing Ho’ola Lahui patients can make appointments through their clinics.

For links to make an appointment at any of these locations, please visit: kauai.gov/vaccine.
Residents age 16 and 17 can only make appointments for the Pfizer vaccine at the hospital clinics at Wilcox, Mahelona, or KVMH. Pfizer is the only vaccine with FDA emergency use authorization
for people age 16 and over. The vaccines by Moderna and Johnson & Johnson are approved for adults 18 and over only.

Patients will select two appointments if they are receiving either the Pfizer or Moderna vaccine,
or a single appointment if they are receiving the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. If you are receiving a two dose vaccine, please make both appointments at the same location to ensure you receive the same vaccine and that your two doses are registered in the same system for a complete vaccination record.

Visitors to Kaua‘i are NOT eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccine. Supply is for residents only.

The County of Kaua‘i continues to offer free same-day COVID-19 testing weekdays from 8 a.m.
to 3:30 p.m. at the War Memorial Convention Hall. The clinic will be closed on the Good Friday holiday April 2, 2021. Free testing is available to everyone on Kaua‘i, residents and visitors. No appointment is needed. For more information, visit kauai.gov/COVIDtest. This test cannot be used for Safe Travels pre-travel test requirements.

Last modified: April 3, 2021

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