Kūpa‘a Kaua‘i: A Unified Vision for Our Island’s Recovery










The objective of this program is to increase agricultural income and opportunities on Kauaʻi through working closely with farmer groups to assist them in obtaining resources and other assistance to solve industry problems or take advantage of opportunities. The work involves interfacing with federal and state farm agencies as well as the primarily affected on island groups in the crafting of responses to problems and opportunities.

Here is the pdf document!

For more information, contact Niki Kunioka-Volz at [email protected].


The Garden Island of Kauai is rich in more than just soil!

The Office of Economic Development seeks to support abundant growth by nurturing entrepreneurs, innovators, and businesses. We are working to strengthen our cultural roots while also pollinating businesses with resources. Our primary areas of focus are:

  • Providing tools to current businesses so they may continue to grow and prosper
  • Attracting new and innovative businesses
  • Growing and upskilling the workforce
  • Connecting businesses with valuable resources

Kauaʻi Kākou, the County’s General Plan, calls for bolstering small businesses and town centers by directing investment, infrastructure improvements, and community-building efforts towards town center areas while also easing regulations for emerging industries. OED works with our business-focused partners to build a vibrant business community that promotes opportunities for small businesses and cottage industries.


Enterprise zones offer state tax relief and other county benefits for businesses that meet the requirements and are approved. Learn more about enterprise zones here. Kauai businesses can receive exemptions from GE Tax and state income taxes for 7 years. Businesses must meet job creation requirements.

Opportunity zones are investment opportunities offering tax incentives for investors to fund development projects that create economic opportunities in designated areas. Learn more about opportunity zones here

For more information, contact Nathan Prescott at [email protected].


The objective of the County’s Energy Program is two-fold: (1) to manage, reduce, and facilitate the County’s fossil energy use through increased efficiency in both facilities and fleets, and (2) to initiate, coordinate, and partner with stakeholders and the community on innovative programs and projects in the clean energy and transportation sector.


The County of Kauai Public Works Solid Waste Division is working with a consultant on a waste-to-energy/alternative technologies feasibility study. For more information, contact Allison Fraley at [email protected].


The County of Kauai is working in a Public-Private Partnership to explore the feasibility of a mobility hub and visitor information center at the Coconut Marketplace. We are in the early stages of this project and will have more information to share soon.

The County of Kauai was awarded roughly $900k to expand our public charging network and install DC Fast Chargers on Kauai. We are in the early stages of this project and will have more information to share soon. Mahalo to Senator Schatz and Senator Hirono for making this joint request. Click here for more information.

The County of Kauai received a Department of Energy Energy Transitions Initiative Partnership Project (ETIPP) grant in the form of technical assistance from the National Renewable Energy Lab and Lawrence Berkeley National Lab. The Office of Economic Development is working with a Federal/State/County/Private sector team and the Hawaii Natural Energy Institute to study Kauai’s transportation system. The scope of work covers a mobility data system, emerging transportation technology, and a fast charger network. The partnering labs will be providing recommendations for multi-modal shift and electrification of transportation. Click here for more information.

Getaroundkauai.com is aimed to inform residents and visitors of the various sustainable transportation options available on Kauai.

The County of Kauaʻi will procure four battery electric buses and expand its base yard to prepare the infrastructure needed to transition its fleet to electric buses by the year 2035 and provide the space required to expand and improve transit service quality. For more information, contact Celia Mahikoa at [email protected] and see Dept. of Transportations Announcement here.

For more information, contact Christina Kaser at [email protected].


filmkauai.com is a website detailing the Film Commission and the opportunities on Kauai available to filmmakers.

Application for the County of Kauai Film Permit – www.connect.kauai.gov 

For more information, contact Sandy Kaauwai at [email protected].


Here is the link to the webpage “How to Become a KauaiMade Member”. It will guide you to become a KauaiMade Member, step-by-step.


kauaimade.net showcases the brands and products of KauaiMade members. It is an excellent resource for supporting local businesses and finding excellent products. The website also guides you through becoming a member.

For more information, contact Melissia Mae Sugai at [email protected].


“Sustainability means growing responsibly to meet the needs of current and future generations without depleting important resources.”
Kauaʻi Kākou General Plan

The County’s General Plan is governed by the overarching theme of Kauaʻi Kākou: We’re moving forward together to collectively plan for a more sustainable Kauaʻi, in the spirit of malama ‘āina (stewardship of the land). The General Plan is the first plan to adopt sustainability as an overarching goal by, “growing responsibly to meet the needs of current and future generations without depleting resources.” With this guiding vision, the objectives of the County’s Sustainability Program are: 1) to have county government lead by example by developing, adopting, and implementing sustainable practices and policies, and 2) to support and leverage community efforts that promote island sustainability.


The County has been awarded a Community‐Wide Brownfields Assessment Grant from the United States Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA) and allows for the evaluation and preparation of a Brownfields Inventory, Phase I and II Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs), and a Clean Up Plan for a selected brownfield site. For more information, contact the Sustainability Coordinator.

The Office of Economic Development is part of the County’s Resiliency Team which is comprised of representatives from the Kaua’i County Planning Department, Kaua’i Emergency Management Agency, the Mayor’s Office, and the University of Hawai’i Sea Grant College Program. The Resiliency Team, led by the Planning Department along with consultant Raimi + Associates, is currently developing the Kaua’i Climate Adaptation Plan (CAP) to ensure our communities continue to thrive as the climate changes. For more information and ways to get involved, please visit kauaiadaptation.com.

  • Youth Climate Summit: OED led the County’s first ever Youth Climate Change Summit to engage young people in the climate action and adaptation decision-making process. Read the summary for more details.

The goal of Play Streets Kaua`i is to connect communities through active play by improving community designs for safe, accessible, and equitable access to physical activity. Play Streets, a place-based, low-cost, intervention that involve temporarily closing streets to create safe places and free opportunities for active play. OED is part of the Play Streets team including the Hawaii State Department of Health, the Planning Department, Get Fit Kaua`i, Na Lei Wili Area Health Education Center, and different community organizations. The first pilot event was successfully implemented in partnership with E Ola Mau Na Leo O Kekaha as part of the Kekaha Family Fun Day event on July 2nd.

Collaborate and partner with educators to provide work-based learning opportunities for students to learn about climate solutions and the various careers within green workforce.


  • –  Youth Climate Practitioners: A pilot course in partnership with Hawaii Technology Academy offered in Fall 2021. Check out the summary to see the site visits and student activities during the semester.

For more information, contact Ana Española at [email protected].


The Office of Economic Development-Tourism collaborates with local partners in managing and supporting Kaua’i tourism that coincides with our economic goals, cultural values and protection of natural resources. Quality of life for residents while maintaining visitor satisfaction are key objectives when directing efforts.

Important Links

For updates of current beach conditions, go to hawaiibeachsafety.com.

Celebrate Kauaʻi’s art, history, and culture with the events on kauaifestivals.com!

The County of Kaua‘i’s Office of Economic Development recently launched a website aimed at informing both visitors and residents of the various transportation options available on Kaua‘i. The website, GetAroundKauai.com, includes an overview of transportation options, a map with Kaua‘i bus stops and routes, regional walking guides, and other tips for how to get around Kaua‘i without a car. Weekly blog posts educate readers on transportation related topics, such as how to reserve an airport shuttle, parking permit requirements for Koke‘e State Park, and details regarding the Hanalei Hill access schedule. 

Register for a Hāʻena entry pass, along with parking or a shuttle ticket through gohaena.com.

The Aloha Pledge is a call to action and commitment to act with aloha toward Kauai. Click here to sign the pledge.

For more information, contact Michelle Rego at [email protected].