Kūpa‘a Kaua‘i: A Unified Vision for Our Island’s Recovery

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    Kūpa‘a Kaua‘i

    A Unified Vision for Our Island’s Recovery,
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Welcome to KauaiForward

E Komo Mai! KauaiForward is administered by the County of Kaua’i’s Office of Economic Development, serving as our online touchstone to the Kaua’i community. Through this website, we share information on our programs, active grants, resources for Kaua’i agriculturalists, businesses, residents, and visitors, links to Hawai’i-based data, and announcements. To get started, check out the menu bar to the left of your page, or hover over the above tabs.

Launched in the early days of the pandemic, KauaiForward was created to aggregate resources and provide the most up-to-date information as Kaua’i worked towards economic recovery. Since then, we’ve observed a shared sentiment from our community wanting to not necessarily revert to the way things were pre-pandemic, but rather, learn from those challenges we faced, and reevaluate how we can do better. In that light, the Office of Economic Development (OED) decided it was time to revisit this website and commit to improving the way we communicate. Here, you will find information not only on financial and educational resources, and grant funding opportunities, but also a glimpse of what OED is working on and where we envision ourselves going.

Mahalo for visiting and let’s keep in touch.

Our Logo

Kūpa‘a means being steadfast and committed. The Kūpa‘a Kaua‘i logo reflects the people of Kaua‘i pulling together, committed to a common goal. It represents our resilience, strength and aloha spirit. Throughout this unprecedented time, our Kauai community has continued to rise above and support each other in so many inspiring ways. Kūpa‘a Kaua‘i is a symbol by which anyone on Kauai can show their commitment to working together as one, as we work collaboratively to rebuild, restart and re-energize the future of this place we call home.

Economic Resilience and Diversification Efforts


As we move forward from Economic Recovery and plan for Economic Resilience and Diversification, we are guided by the recommendations from the Kauai County General Plan, Kauai Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS) and the Kauai Economic Recovery Strategy Team (KERST). 

Kauai County General Plan
 Kauai Comprehensive Economic Development Strategy (CEDS)
Kauai Economic Recovery Strategy Team (KERST) Recommendations
A Feminist Economic Recovery Plan for COVID-19
Kauai Destination Management Action Plan

Throughout the past few years, our lives have been transformed from the COVID-19 pandemic. But every challenge we have faced, we have overcome together with our community and, today, Kaua‘i people are stronger and more resilient than ever. COVID-19 may have changed our lives, but it does not define our future. As we continue to make progress in our recovery, we remain focused on what makes Kaua‘i special – our people. Mahalo for the work you do for our island and our community. With this unified vision for our future, I know that together we can continue to move Kaua‘i Forward.

- Mayor Derek S. K. Kawakami

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