New Website and Logo for Film Kauai

September 6, 2022

Kauai Film Office is announcing a new website and logo. See below for full details.

Showcasing the limitless location and seamless production possibilities available to
filmmakers on Kaua‘i, the Kaua‘i Film Office, a division of the County of Kaua‘i Office of Economic
Development, has launched a new look, logo, and enhanced functionality for its FilmKauai.com website.
Starting Sept. 1, directors, location managers, and producers can access the new site for userfriendly navigation throughout the County of Kaua‘i’s diverse landscapes, access to permits, information
on generous incentives, and on-island production resources. The site will also serve as a hub for the
latest news from the Kaua‘i film industry.
“With production pipelines reopening just as Kaua‘i approaches 90 years of being a filmmaker’s
paradise, it’s a particularly vibrant time to build on the collective momentum and reimagine the Film
Kaua‘i website,” said Kaua‘i Mayor Derek S. K. Kawakami. “From its unique natural beauty to the
supportive community of professionals that make filming in Kaua‘i a turnkey experience, there are
countless reasons for industry decision-makers to keep Kaua‘i in focus. Mahalo to our Office of
Economic Development’s Kaua‘i Film Office and Film Commissioner Sandy Ka‘auwai for working
thoughtfully and tirelessly to complete this beautiful new website that makes the process to film on
Kaua‘i an easier and more enjoyable experience, and truly represents Kaua‘i’s aloha spirit.”
The launch of the state-of-the-art site will further serve as a keystone for an amplified year-long
marketing initiative, coinciding with Kaua‘i’s 90th anniversary as a distinguished production destination.
The benefits and brand of Film Kaua‘i will be celebrated in a strategic roll out across new collateral,
social media, digital and traditional advertising, and events.
“Kaua‘i’s creative industries contribute both to the local economy, as well as enhance the
production value of films, television shows, and commercials from around the world,” said
Sandy Ka‘auwai, County of Kaua‘i Film Commissioner and Economic Development Specialist. “Through
contemporary tools such as the elevated Film Kaua‘i website, the island’s rich history, current
production resources, and dynamic opportunities for the future can be effortlessly showcased, updated,
and navigated.”
Since 1933, Kaua‘i has been a premier location for filmmaking, welcoming movie, television, and
commercial productions of all sizes. Every setting—be it pristine coastlines, lush jungle terrain, arid
dunes, and seemingly other-worldly environments—is available for creatives to explore. Learn more at
www.FilmKauai.com, and by connecting with Film Kaua‘i on Facebook and Instagram.
About Kaua‘i Film Commission
The Kaua‘i Film Commission is a division of the County of Kaua‘i Office of Economic Development. Its
purpose is to promote, market, and support Kaua‘i as a production location for all media while ensuring the
safety and welfare of the local community and environment.

Last modified: September 27, 2022

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