Mayor Kawakami Announces the Launch of kauaiforward.com

June 6, 2020

During his daily briefing on June 2nd, Mayor Kawakami announced the launch of KauaiForward.com. “Today we will launch a new County website, KauaiForward.com, which is intended to be a one stop shop for available resources here on Kauai during the COVID-19 pandemic.  It will include information about financial support, food assistance programs, business resources, our daily video updates and other pandemic news and videos,” said Mayor Kawakami.

Office of Economic Development Director, Nalani Brun, also spoke about the website. “The goal of this website is to keep Kauai residents informed and connected during our economic recovery from COVID-19.  We will also use the website to share the initial recommendations of our Kauai Economic Recovery Strategy Teams.  With the help of eight industry sector teams, we have strategized ideas for plans to meet the short term needs of our community and to create longer term visions for economic resilience”, said Brun. 

Brun also invited the public to join in recovery efforts, explaining that “These recommendations represent one aspect of our economic response to COVID-19 and we will continue to strategize ways to meet the needs of the people of Kauai throughout our recovery.  But in order to create a unified vision for our island’s recovery and move forward together, we need the support and ideas of our wider community… we invite our community to provide input on the different strategies that are listed, as well as ideas you may want to provide.  We are all in this together.”

Nalani Brun also discussed the Kupa`a Kaua`i logo that appears on the website.  “Kupa`a means being steadfast and committed.  The Kupa`a Kaua`i logo that we included on the website reflects the people of Kaua`i pulling together, committed to a common goal.  It represents our resilience, strength and aloha spirit.  Throughout this unprecedented time, our Kauai community has continued to rise above and support each other in so many inspiring ways.  Kupa`a Kaua`i is a symbol by which anyone on Kauai can show their commitment to working together as one, as we work collaboratively to rebuild, restart and re-energize the future of this place we call home. We encourage everyone to use this logo as if it were their own for business or personal reasons.  Share your stories of resilience and hope on social media using the hashtag #KupaaKauai.  We simply ask that it be used in a way that positively reflects the impact of the work being done across all sectors of our economy.  Together let’s move Kauai Forward. Kupa`a Kaua`i”

Last modified: June 6, 2020

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