Call to Action to Combat Invasive Bird Species on Kauai

January 31, 2024

To address the concern and invasive impact of the Rose Ringed Parakeet on Kaua‘i, there’s a new citizen science mapping tool available to the public. This tool will be used to gather and track data about parakeet sightings and behaviors.

Call to Action:

In an initiative to address the growing concern and negative impacts of invasive Rose-Ringed Parakeets on Kauai, a new citizen science mapping tool has been created to engage the local community and visitors in tracking and gathering data on these avian pests. Residents, local businesses, and visitors interested in participating in the citizen science mapping initiative can visit https://arcg.is/zHaTH0 or scan the QR code below to access the tool and begin mapping their observations.

For more information, please contact OED’s Agriculture Specialist Niki Kunioka-Volz at 808-241-4951 or nkvolz@kauai.gov

Last modified: January 31, 2024

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