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Positive Coffee lives up to its name.

Meredith and Rob converted their retired North Shore Shuttle bus into a drive-up, drive-through coffee stop and launched Positive Coffee in mid-October. They opened their business during the COVID-19 pandemic, with their focus on the local community. Positive Coffee offers a safe, socially distant option for local residents to get their coffee by using the drive-up, drive-thru service. Positive Coffee can be found located just off the highway in Kapa’a, across from Texaco and near JO2.

During their first week open, they served every cup of coffee for free. They called it a “Mahalo Coffee.” Their first and foremost desire was to give back to a community that has given them so much. They hoped a free cup of delicious coffee would help people start off their day on a positive note, leave a smile on their face and a great cup of coffee in their hand.

There were several hundred happy customers who enjoyed a complimentary cup of coffee and appreciated the convenience of a drive-thru coffee stop. “It warmed our heart to see how appreciative customers were and we just hope that we could impact their morning and get them started on a positive note,” said Meredith, Co-Owner of Positive Coffee. Now they offer a Kamaaina discount as well as discount just for throwing your shaka.

Where did they get their inspiration from?
On a vacation nearly 15 years ago, Rob and Meredith came across a small Coffee Cart where the employees would greet you with a smile and exude such fun, positive energy, that it made them feel happy. That positive experience left enough of an impression on them that they thought if they ever have a chance to do something similar, they would love to also serve positivity and a cup of coffee. That chance came when the circumstances of the pandemic allowed them the time to realize their dream. With more time on their hands, they got to work in May, converting the old shuttle bus.

What was their motivation in starting Positive Coffee?

Their primary intention in starting Positive Coffee was to make a positive impact in the community that has welcomed them and given them so much joy. They wanted to pay it forward by helping the people of Kauai start off their day on a positive note. They also just love coffee and wanted to provide Kauai with a high quality, specialty coffee, not to mention, a true drive-thru coffee option! In addition to serving up coffee and positivity, they hope to educate people about what specialty coffee truly is as well as understand the different ways to brew a cup. Thus, their tag line, “Specialty Coffee and Education.” Coming soon, they will be offering small classes to learn about all of the different ways to brew a great cup of coffee while taste testing them all.

They felt this pandemic blessed them with time to realize an idea that had been brewing for years.

If you would like to learn more about Positive Coffee, you can find them on Facebook at Positive Coffee Kauai or Instagram @PositiveCoffeeKauai

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