CARES Grant – Nourish Kauai

Crossroads Christian Fellowship received funding through the County of Kaua‘i Cares Act Grant in the Agricultural Assistance Grants Category to support Nourish Kauai.

The overall concept of this program is to provide a Meal Delivery Program to High Risk Groups/Elderly from Kapa‘a to Kalāheo.  The program will include both meal kits and hot meals and will run from August to December.

To learn about the impact this Meal Delivery Program has made for Kupuna in our community and to learn more about Nourish Kauai’s other efforts, read the story below.

Nourish Kauai

Nourish Kauai is an initiative on the east side of the island to provide local, healthy meals to families in need.  We spoke with Karolyn Freuler about what inspired her to launch Nourish Kauai. 

When COVID-19 began to impact our island, Karolyn recognized that people would be hungry, and immediately asked “how can we feed them?”  Relying on her prior experience in the restaurant industry and as a business owner, Karolyn was able to quickly step up to meet this need by forming Nourish Kauai.

In addition to feeding local families, Nourish Kauai aims to support the local farmers, fisherman and ranchers in our community by purchasing the ingredients for the Nourish meals directly from those local businesses.  In fact, 85-90% of the ingredients are locally grown.  Karolyn knew that using fresh, local ingredients could cost more, but one of the priorities of the initiative was to support our local economy.  It was also important to Karolyn that people receive healthy food, especially during a health crisis.

Karolyn is supported by a team of dedicated volunteers and multiple organizations that have offered use of their space, made financial donations, and volunteered to prepare and deliver food.  The team has pulled together to support the initiative and are consistently showing up to serve the community each week.  Part of that team includes Karolyn’s three children, who accompany her to volunteer.  Karolyn is a single mother, and while parenting during a pandemic is hard enough on its own, she did not let that stop her from launching this effort to help her community. 

To learn more about Nourish Kauai, visit their website: https://www.nourishkauai.org/

If you are interested in supporting this program, you can volunteer or donate.