Kaua‘i “resort bubble” program approved

December 30, 2020

Governor Ige approves Kaua‘i “resort bubble” post-travel testing program

On December 30th, Governor Ige approved Mayor’s Emergency Rule #24 for Kauai. Mayor Derek Kawakami submitted this request to implement a pre and post-travel testing program for visitors who participate in the Enhanced Movement Quarantine (the “EMQ”), also known as “resort bubbles” on Kauai. This rule change goes into effect January 5th. 

You can read the press release below for more information.

A copy of Mayor’s Emergency Rule #24 is available here.


December 30, 2020

HONOLULU – Gov. David Ige has approved Kaua‘i Mayor Derek Kawakami’s request to implement a pre- and post-travel testing program for visitors who stay in “resort bubble” hotels, effective January 5.

“This proposal will allow Kauaʻi to move forward with limited tourism in ‘resort bubbles’ while honoring the county’s request to opt-out of the Safe Travels pre-travel testing program,” said Gov. David Ige.

“Travelers who participate in this program will be able to enjoy resort amenities and visit the pool for the first three days of their vacations, until they are eligible to take their post-travel test,” said Mayor Kawakami. “Once the post-travel test shows they are COVID-free, they can enjoy all that Kaua‘i has to offer.”

The new rule will allow travelers to Kaua‘i, who receive a negative pre-travel test and stay in an approved Enhanced Movement Quarantine (EMQ) “resort bubble” property, to take a post-travel test three days after arrival and be released from quarantine with a negative post-travel test result.

To qualify, travelers must:

  1. Take a pre-travel test within 72 hours before traveling to Kaua‘i and receive a negative test result.
  2. Stay at an approved EMQ “resort bubble” property.
  3. Take a post-travel test more than 72 hours after arriving on Kaua‘i and receive a negative result.

The current Enhanced Movement Quarantine (EMQ) “resort bubble” hotels on Kaua‘i are:

Kaua‘i properties interested in learning more about becoming an EMQ may contact the Kaua‘i Emergency Management Agency at kema@kauai.gov.

Participation in the post-travel EMQ program is voluntary and open to all travelers, including visitors and residents. Visitors can also stay in non-EMQ hotels and motels, but they will be subject to the full 10-day traveler quarantine without a post-travel testing opportunity and cannot leave their rooms. Residents can also fulfill their 10-day travel quarantine at home without leaving their property.

The County of Kaua‘i’s modified quarantine program will remain in place for critical infrastructure workers, essential medical travel, or other special circumstances. To apply for a modified quarantine, please visit www.kauai.gov/COVID-19 and click on the “modified quarantine request” button at the top of the page.

The Safe Travels Hawaiʻi pre-travel testing program remains in place for all other counties.

For additional details on the new rule for Kaua‘i, please see Mayor Kawakami’s Rule 24 at www.kauai.gov/COVID-19.

Last modified: December 30, 2020

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