Kūpa‘a Kaua‘i: A Unified Vision for Our Island’s Recovery


Massive Masks for Kauai: a simple idea led to community effort

Massive Masks for Kauai is a wonderful story of how Kris Hunt’s desire to help the people of Kauai turned into a massive community effort. Read about her story and if you know of more stories of Kupaa, please Share Your Story>

What began as my little mask project, to help provide back up masks for our local hospitals, first responders and essential workers during the COVID-19 lockdown, immediately became an island-wide effort to create and distribute cloth face masks to all of Kauai. 

To date, MM4K has sewn and distributed over 7,000 free reusable cloth face masks to our community. We continue our efforts, forever hopeful to ensure the safety of our island. As it appears COVID-19 is still active in our community, so are we.


Foto4Food: a story of inspiration...

Kupaa Kauai is about the community pulling together to get through this challenging time.  Foto4Food is a local initiative that embodies this spirit.  Jo Evans and Julie Gardner began volunteering their time to take outdoor family photos in exchange for donations to the Kauai Independent food bank.  They have raised over $7000 and 1,000 lbs of food donations and have also captured moments of joy for over 80 families on the island.  “We feel so blessed to be part of such a beautiful community coming together in these unprecedented times”, said Jo.   While Jo and Julie do not ask for any payment, the community is also finding creative ways to show their appreciation, with tips of “an avocado tree, fruit, puakenikeni tree which is amazing!”  Mahalo Jo and Julie!  You can read their full story here and can share your stories with us here.  Together we can move Kauai Forward.

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