Kauai Resort Bubbles

Enhanced Movement Quarantine (EMQ) “Resort Bubble” Option

Kaua’i has rejoined Safe Travels which requires a negative PCR NAAT test from a State Trusted Travel and Testing Partner taken within 72 hours of departure of the final leg of the flight to Hawaii to avoid quarantine. In the event someone has taken the wrong test, there is an option to have a shortened quarantine on Kauai by utilizing our Resort Bubble program. 

Kaua’i has an Enhanced Movement Quarantine “resort bubble” program which accepts any COVID-19 diagnostic test (antigen or PCR test) with emergency use authorization from the US Food and Drug Administration. The Resort Bubble program is an option for travelers who arrive with a negative test that is FDA approved but not approved by the State of Hawaii’s Safe Travels program. If travelers choose to participate, travelers must stay on the Resort Bubble property for 72 hours or more, and then have the option to take a post-travel test. Negative results from a post-travel test will allow the Resort Bubble occupant to be released from quarantine. If a traveler arrives without a pre-travel test entirely, they cannot participate in the Resort Bubble program and will have to quarantine for 10 days in an approved quarantine hotel (found in the Accommodations section below), or leave the state.

In the Resort Bubble, travelers wear a tracking wristband and are allowed to leave their rooms to access the resort property within the bubble, as designated by their hotel. Those who arrive with pending results must remain in their rooms until they receive negative test results from their pre-travel test. Resort Bubble occupants cannot leave the designated bubble areas until completing the program, receiving a negative post-travel test, and being certified by their hotel.

To qualify for this option, travelers must do the following:

  • * Create a Safe Travels account and complete the mandatory State of Hawai‘i Travel and Health Form at: https://travel.hawaii.gov/
  • * Take a pre-travel test within 72 hours before the final leg of departure for your trip to Kauai and receive a negative test result. This test can be any COVID-19 diagnostic test (antigen or PCR test) with emergency use authorization from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. 
  • * Make a reservation at an approved Enhanced Movement Quarantine (EMQ) “resort bubble” hotel.

The following properties are approved to participate in the Enhanced Movement Quarantine option (also known as “Resort Bubbles”).

  • * Guests should consult their resort for transportation options as travelers will not be allowed to rent a car until completing the Resort Bubble program with pre-travel and post-travel testing.
  • * Provide proof of your negative pre-travel test result to resort staff upon check-in.
  • * After 72 hours or more on Kauai, take a post-travel test. Guests can consult resort on post-travel testing options.
  • * Resort staff will verify your negative post-travel result and will update the system to release you from quarantine.
  • * Properties interested in learning more about becoming an EMQ may email the Kauai Emergency Management Agency at kema@kauai.gov.

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